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YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Premium v2.0.14

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== Changelog ==

= 2.0.14 – Released: 21/03/2016

Added: yith_wcwl_is_wishlist_page function to identify if current page is wishlist page
Added: filter yith_wcwl_settings_panel_capability for panel capability
Added: filter yith_wcwl_current_wishlist_view_params for shortcode view params
Added: “defined YITH_WCWL” check before every template
Added: check over existance of $.prettyPhoto.close before using it
Added: method count_add_to_wishlist to YITH_WCWL class
Added: function yith_wcwl_count_add_to_wishlist
Tweak: Changed ajax url to “relative”
Tweak: Removed yit-common (old plugin-fw) deprecated since 2.0
Tweak: Removed deprecated WC functions
Tweak: Skipped removed_from_wishlist query arg adding, when external product
Tweak: Added transients for wishist counts
Tweak: Removed DOM structure dependencies from js for wishlist table handling
Tweak: All methods/functions that prints/counts products in wishlist now skip trashed or not visible products
Fixed: shortcode callback setting global product in some conditions
Fixed: typo in hook yith_wccl_table_after_product_name (now set to yith_wcwl_table_after_product_name)
Fixed: notice appearing when wishlist page slug is empty
Fixed: “Please login” notice appearing right after login
Fixed: email template for WC 2.5 and WCET compatibility

= 2.0.13 – Released: 17/12/2015 =

* Added check over adding_to_cart event data existance in js procedures
* Added compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Email Templates
* Added ‘yith_wcwl_added_to_cart_message’ filter, to customize added to cart message in wishlist page
* Added ‘yith_wcwl_action_links’ filter, to customize action link at the end of wishlist pages
* Added nofollow to “Add to Wishlist” links, where missing
* Added ‘yith_wcwl_email_share_subject’ filter to customize share by email subject
* Added ‘yith_wcwl_email_share_body’ filter to customize share by email body
* Added function “yith_wcwl_count_all_products”
* Fixed plugin-fw loading

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