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WPLMS Learning Management System v1.8

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WPLMS is not just a WordPress Theme but a advanced Learning Management System. This theme utilises the maximum potential of WordPress + BuddyPress + BBPress + WooCommerce. It is a powerful theme with lot of flexible and usable features. It comes with custom plugins specifically designed for this theme to work as a powerful Learning management system. Built with HTML5 and CSS3, WPLMS has many unique features.

Latest version of WPLMS 1.8
========== UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.8 [1st October’14 ] ==========


1. ADDED : Student Dashboard with Widgets : Student Dashboard Statistics, Course/Quiz/Assignment Stats, Course Progress, Contact, News, Tasks
2. ADDED : Instructor Dashboard With Widgets : Instructor Dashboard Statistics, Instructor Stats, Instructor Commissions, Annoucements
3. ADDED : Create a page template which can be seen by instructors only
4. ADDED : Change student subscription form the front end.
5. ADDED : WPLMS Child Theme with cart in header


1. FIXED : Course timeline in mobile(next unit)
2. FIXED : Student name in activity not coming
3. FIXED : Bullets issue in Content
4. FIXED : Pagination in Grid view of Course directory
5. FIXED : BadgeOS not working properly with manual evaluated courses issue
6. FIXED : Mobile appearance issue
7. FIXED : Force order complete issue
8. FIXED : Create a course localization
9. FIXED : Instructor notification
10. FIXED : Quiz issue in firefox
11. FIXED : Vibe course module translation issue in error message
12. FIXED : Notification after student submits a manual evaluated quiz
13. FIXED : After search Menus disappear
14. FIXED : “Course” translation in order table
15. FIXED : Remove spanish translation from French translation files
16. FIXED : “Next unit” on Course Status page load
17. FIXED : “marks” translation
18. FIXED : Instructor commission calculation via WooCommerce

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