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Woocommerce USPS Shipping Method v4.3.3

Woocommerce USPS Shipping Method v4.3.3 Download

USPS is the largest delivery network in United States, this extension provide you real-time shipping rates by utilizing their API.

The extension requires that your store uses US Dollars for it’s currency and United States, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands as the base country. It primarily works with ins and lbs, but other units can be converted automatically.

WooCommerce USPS “How to Set Up Our WooCommerce USPS Video Tutorial” here: WooCommerce USPS Shipping Extension

2016.06.17 – version 4.3.3
* Update – Rate method name from Standard Post to Retail Ground.
* Remove – References to the deprecated type C box sizes.
* Fix – Strict standard notice caused by WooCommerce 2.6 signature change.

2016.02.29 – version 4.3.2
* Fix – First class large envelope sometimes does not return a rate.
* Fix – Prevent rates from returning if no shipping country has been selected.

2016.02.24 – version 4.3.1
* Add – Rate type setting is returned due to some 3rd party services requires this to have rate type difference.

2016.02.24 – version 4.3.0
* Fix – Fix box packer when letter type is enabled for international envelope is used.
* Fix – Weight based shipping is not returning enabled first class mail.
* Add – Additional First Class mail types.
* Add – States as countries.
* Update – Rate update for flat rate boxes for 2016.
* Remove – Shipping Rates setting as all rates are now retailed since Jan.

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