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Woocommerce Lightspeed POS v1.2.5

Woocommerce Lightspeed POS v1.2.5 Download

2016.06.23 – version 1.2.5
* Bugfix for inventory syncing on manual updates from Lightspeed to WooCommerce
* Bugfix for duplicate images (removes featured image duplicate files)
* Enhancement that does not overwrite WooCommerce product details
* Various code updates

2016.06.23 – version 1.2.4
* Bugfix for feature image syncing from WooCommerce to Lightspeed
* Bugfix for ovewriting the “Manage Stock” setting for variation products
* Bugfix for inventory syncing

2016.06.19 – version 1.2.3
* Moves API connections to oAuth

2016.06.08 – version 1.2.2
* Fixes a bug that won’t overwrite product properties if they’re not set in Lightspeed
* Adds “CustomFieldValues” to search params so now custom fields will be included on imports
* Adds search param filters on imports

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