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WooCommerce Follow UP Emails v4.4.11

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Turbocharge your email marketing strategy with a single purchase

Email marketing outperforms social media 8 to 1! Spend your time and resources smarter, build email templates to send single emails to customers, and automate your email marketing to increase the value of your existing customer base and acquire new customers. An email marketing strategy is the will immediately impact your top-line revenue. When it comes to converting your efforts into sales, email still outperforms search 2 to 1, and social 8to 1.
Key Features

One-time cost. No monthly or per-email costs. Unlimited sends. Unlimited contacts.
Targeted emails to your customers and prospects
Automate emails, on your defined schedule
Fully supported, maintained, and updated
Easy to setup – no complicated integrations, APIs, or additional accounts
Easily create emails to manage your business communications with individuals directly from WooCommerce interface versus your email client
Offer discounts in your emails with integrated coupons
Full-featured reporting on email sends, opens, clicks, and communication by customer
Google Analytics integration
Numerous variables to allow you to integrate customer and order data into your emails

2016.02.23 – version 4.4.11
* Bug fix: Fix for abandoned cart emails not getting cleared when a guest customer creates an account during checkout
* Bug fix: Fixed duplicate daily summaries being sent
* Bug fix: Cleaned up CSS for auto-subscribe to a list on product details
* Bug fix: Skip emails with send dates in the past for Memberships due to how Memberships are activated on subscription renewals
* Bug fix: Fixed issue with guest carts not redirecting properly
* Bug fix: Fixed issue with Sensei edit emails having select2 being initialized too early
* Bug fix: Provide error is Twitter sign-on has not yet been connected
* Bug fix: Fixed ‘On this date’ trigger to not show status triggers when saved
* Bug fix: Possible fix to encoding issues with DomDocument
* Bug fix: Improvement transients for emails to ensure better support for larger volumes
* Bug fix: Use WC_Order::get_order_number() to retrieve the Order ID
* Bug fix: Fixed custom fields not getting shown after selecting a product
* Bug fix: Various other code improvements and tweaks
* Bug fix: Use Event categories for Tickets emails instead of WooCommerce product categories
* Bug fix: Fixed first purchase trigger not firing due to the order items getting recorded twice
* Bug fix: Fixed issue with emails sending to manually added subscriptions
* Improvement: Add filters to mailing list views to increase number of visible lists
* Improvement: Add function to delete all mailing lists
* Improvement: Follow Ups will now send already scheduled inactive emails, but not schedule new
* Improvement: General performance improvements for sending emails
* Improvement: Added ability to manually remove a customer’s abandoned cart items and scheduled emails
* Feature: Added the ability to set the membership status when sending manual emails to a membership plan
* Feature: Added ability to bulk add Events attendees to a mailing list
* Feature: Added actions to hook into Customer Data view to add custom data to the Customer table
* Feature: Added ability to send a manual email to all attendees, checked in, or not checked in
* Feature: Added ability to remove all cart abandoned emails for a specific user
* Feature: Added new trigger to add ability to send email on pending cancellation status for subscriptions

2016.01.12 – version 4.4.10
* Bug fix: Fixed wp_nonce failing on email previews for some users
* Bug fix: Fixed coupons query failing which caused AJAX to halt
* Bug fix: Switched to use mb_convert_encoding instead of forcing UTF-8 using an XML declaration
* Bug fix: Code cleanup throughout the plugin (ongoing)
* Bug fix: Add support to emogrifier for older PHP versions
* Bug fix: Check for empty renewal date and skip importing subscription if date is invalid
* Bug fix: Fixed missing subscription variables in test emails
* Bug fix: Fixed some edge case issues related to conversion of sending times to GMT
* Bug fix: Fixed issue where order data was not incrementing correctly for multiple purchases
* Improvement: Added improvement for managing endpoint URLs for email management
* Improvement: Remove mailto: links from click tracking to ensure they work correctly on click
* Improvement: Add pagination option to the scheduled emails table
* Improvement: Add three Sensei variables {teacher_first_name}, {teacher_last_name}, and {teacher_name}
* Improvement: Add {current_points} variable to Points and Rewards emails
* Improvement: Allow emails to be sent to buyers and non-buyers of specified products
* Improvement: Allow Twitter UI to be edited via template files
* Feature: Added full support for WooCommerce Memberships as an email type
* Feature: Added support for Events Tickets 4.0 and RSVPs
* Feature: Added admin support for RSVP notifications to the admin user
* Feature: Add conversion tracking and conversion tracking reporting to Customer data
* Feature: Adding Points and Rewards to Manual email newsletter

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