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Woocommerce Extensions

Woothemes Canvas v5.8.1

Woothemes Canvas v5.8.1 Download *** Canvas Changelog *** 2014.07.03 – version 5.8.1 * Fix – Fixes info boxes shortcode no icon option. style.css * Tweak – Adds another section to the Hooks Manager specific so user can target pages independently of posts. includes/woo-hooks/classes/woo-hooks.class.php * Tweak – Adds breacrumbs to Project pages. includes/integrations/projects/template.php, includes/integrations/projects/setup.php * Fix – Fixes navigation alignment bug ...

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Woothemes SuperStore 1.1.5 WordPress Theme

Woothemes SuperStore 1.1.5 WordPress Theme Download *** Superstore Changelog *** 2014.07.11 – version 1.1.5 * Fix – Removed category exclude theme options which can cause issues with static homepages. Use pre_get_posts filter to replicate this functionality includes/theme-functions.php includes/theme-options.php * Tweak – Product display in general search results style.less style.css css/layout.less css/layout.css 2014.05.09 – version 1.1.4 * Tweak – Single product ...

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Woothemes Plugins WooSlider v2.1.0

Woothemes Plugins WooSlider v2.1.0 Download *** WooSlider Changelog *** 2014.07.31 – version 2.1.0 * Fix – Fix issue with PHP noticed being shown when adding a slider via the Add Media screen. classes/class-wooslider-sliders.php * Fix – Fix ‘Undefined Property’ PHP notice. classes/class-wooslider-settings-api.php * Tweak – Update to FitVids to latest version – 1.1 assets/js/jquery.fitvids.js * Tweak – Use CSS instead ...

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WooCommerce Follow UP Emails v3.5.0

WooCommerce Follow UP Emails v3.5.0 Download Turbocharge your email marketing strategy with a single purchase Email marketing outperforms social media 8 to 1! Spend your time and resources smarter, build email templates to send single emails to customers, and automate your email marketing to increase the value of your existing customer base and acquire new customers. An email marketing strategy ...

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Ignitewoo WooCommerce Auctions Pro v2.3.20

Ignitewoo WooCommerce Auctions Pro v2.3.20 Download Version 2.3.20 – July 2, 2014 Added new action hook that triggers when an email notice is being sent to someone who was outbid Version 2.3.19 – February 26, 2014 Added reserve price functionality and an associated new template file Fixed some function calls that were passing outdated parameters when attempting to send email ...

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