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2015.03.04 – version 3.0.1
* Dev Feature – Introduced ‘woocommerce_composited_product_custom_data’ filter for passing custom data to composited product templates.
* Dev Feature – Introduced ‘woocommerce_composited_product_quantity’ filter to allow changing the default quantity in composited product templates.

2015.03.03 – version 3.0.0
* Important – v3.0.0 is a major update focused on many requested features and a comprehensive actions/filters hook API. Before updating any live websites, please test everything on a local/staging environment and as always, backup your website!
* Important – Template files have been modified to implement new features and other fixes/tweaks. Please update all overridden template files that are out of date! To see if your theme overrides any Composite Products template files, go to the WooCommerce->System Status page and scroll down to the Templates section.
* Important – When possible, use the new front-end UI hooks to avoid unnecessary template file overrides. For details, refer to http://docs.woothemes.com/document/composite-products-actions-filters-events-reference/ .
* Feature – Component Options API: Component options are now loaded by a WP_Query wrapper. Component options are loaded dynamically, allowing custom queries to be created at Component level.
* Feature – Category-based definition of Component Options.
* Feature – Dynamic Sorting and Filtering functionality. Component Options are sortable and filterable at component level. Sorting and filtering functionality can be extended easily via hooks.
* Feature – Component Options pagination in “Product Thumbnails” mode.
* Feature – Front-end Layout API: Added actions/filters to control the layout and user interaction. See http://docs.woothemes.com/document/composite-products-actions-filters-events-reference/ .
* Feature – Back-end Settings API: Back end hooks for adding custom component-level settings. See http://docs.woothemes.com/document/composite-products-actions-filters-events-reference/ .
* Feature – Responsive component options in in “Product Thumbnails” mode. Column count and per-page result count are filterable. See http://docs.woothemes.com/document/composite-products-actions-filters-events-reference/ .
* Feature – UX: Improved user feedback on transitioning between components. In multi-page mode, auto-scroll targets are used to direct user input after selecting an option and after activating the next component. In progressive mode, auto-scroll behaviour is applied on selecting an option and on giving focus to the next component.
* Feature – UX: Improved user feedback on option selection in Multi-page mode.
* Feature – UX: Redesigned Review section in Multi-page mode.
* Feature – UX: New Composite Summary widget for displaying configuration details in Multi-page stepped mode. Details include thumbnails, descriptions, prices, quantities and meta.
* Feature – UI: Redesigned the admin Layout settings section. Renamed layout options. Reorganized and paginated the admin component configuration metaboxes.
* Feature – UX: New “Componentized” layout.
* Feature – New ‘Hide shop price’ option, targeted for very complex/large Composites, and for certain use cases where showing a min Composite price is irrelevant.
* Feature – Scenarios: Option to include/exclude component options when creating a scenario.
* Tweak – UX: Allow adding a progressive composite to the cart without having to review all components. Use the ‘woocommerce_composite_progression_style’ filter to force the old behaviour (return ‘strict’).
* Tweak – UX: Remove “None” option from the front-end when a component is optional. If a component is optional, the user may proceed to the next component without selecting any options, unless the “none/empty” option has scenario definitions that make it incompatible with the current selections.
* Tweak – Indent composited cart items.
* Tweak – Pass the component id and composite id into the ‘woocommerce_composite_component_title’ hook.
* Tweak – In per-item pricing mode, the cart price column now displays only container-level totals.
* Tweak – ‘WC_CP_Helpers’ renamed to ‘WC_CP_API’. Plugin class ‘helpers’ property now accessed as ‘api’.
* Tweak – Cleaned up old WC 2.0 compatibility functions and global WC declarations and refactored all function references. Introduced ‘WC_CP_Core_Compatibility’ class.
* Tweak – Use single_add_to_cart_text() to display add-to-cart button text.
* Tweak – Allow selecting the ‘empty’ option as default when a component is optional and contains a single product.
* Tweak – Post form input fields (product ids / quantities) directly.
* Tweak – Renamed query string variables: ‘add-product-to-cart’ to ‘wccp_component_selection’, ‘component_quantity’ to ‘wccp_component_quantity’, ‘bto_variation_id’ to ‘wccp_variation_id’ and ‘bto_{attribute name}’ to ‘wccp_{attribute name}’.
* Tweak – Introduce ‘wc_bundles_get_product_terms’ function for WC 2.3 compatibility.
* Tweak – Introduce ‘woocommerce_composited_product_is_shipped’ filter.
* Tweak – Use ‘variation_is_active’ variation property to disable incompatible variation attributes in WC 2.3.
* Tweak – Out-of-stock selections validation in add-to-cart-composite.js.
* Fix – Fix paged mode price data when a composite contains NYP products.
* Fix – Parent/child cart pointers more tolerant to errors caused by 3rd party code.
* Fix – Correctly show terms when attribute has outfit chars.
* Fix – Wrong cart prices when Per-Item Pricing unchecked / Non-Bundled Shipping checked.
* Fix – select2 localization in WC 2.3.6+.

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