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Woocommerce API Manager v1.4.3

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The WooCommerce API Manager secures your software with API License Key activations/deactivations, and provides automatic updates of plugins and themes to increase customer satisfaction and convenience. Easy updates is a powerful marketing tool that only a handful of companies have been able to offer, until now. Best of all, the WooCommerce API Manager is packed with features that eliminate support requests, increase customer satisfaction, and increase shop manager productivity, so you can focus on selling more products.

* Example plugin and theme code can be found in private Github repositories. Send WooThemes support your Github username, so the author can grant access to the repositories.

2016.3.24 – version 1.4.3
* Fix: Check if WooCommerce Subscriptions is active before trying to remove old API Keys on renewal orders.
* Fix: Check if the order exists, and if the order has been trashed, when handling API requests or displaying downloads and API Keys in My Account dashboard. Both my-api-downloads.php and my-api-keys.php will need to be updated if templates are overridden in a theme.

2016.1.12 – version 1.4.2
* Fix: Do not modify order completed email by adding a download or API Key section, if the order does not contain a downloadble product, or if the product is not set to use the API.
* Fix: Do not display products on My Account dashboard, My API Key or My API Downloads sections, if the product cannot be downloaded according to multiple criteria.
* Fix: Don’t display API Keys or API Download on My Account dashboard for orders that have been trashed.

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