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[Tri.be] Event Tickets Plus v4.2.2

[Tri.be] Event Tickets Plus v4.2.2 Download

= [4.2.2] 2016-07-06 =

* Fix – Update of price in WooCommerce does not update _EventCost
* Fix – Add attendee meta info to tickets email
* Fix – Ensure continued compatibility with WooCommerce
* Fix – Ensure continued compatibility with WP E-Commerce
* Fix – Made sure a SKU will be automatically generated for WooCommerce tickets if not provided.
* Fix – Resolve issue where “Don’t list me on attendees public attendees list” is visible even when “Hide attendees list” is checked in admin [63039]

= [4.2.1] 2016-06-22 =

* Fix – Add attendee meta for all non event post types in the CSV export
* Fix – Use numeric ID for QR checkin instead of the new Human Readable format
* Fix – Restore APM functionality with tickets
* Fix – Ensure proper behavior of attendees list checkbox
* Fix – Remove notices in attendees export by CSV or Email when using Community Tickets

= [4.2] 2016-06-08 =

* Feature – Authenticated attendees now can edit meta fields created by the event admin
* Feature – Global stock support added to the Easy Digital Downloads integration (Thank you dimitrilongo for the report!)
* Tweak – Added event tickets unique ID generation to have human-readable event ticket identification hashes across events (Thanks to Matt Broffman for submitting this idea on UserVoice!)
* Tweak – Language files in the `wp-content/languages/plugins` path will be loaded before attempting to load internal language files (Thank you to user @aafhhl for bringing this to our attention!)
* Tweak – Added messaging about ticket availability to the EDD, Shopp, WooCommerce, and WPEC ticket forms (Props to @masteradhoc on GitHub for this change!)
* Tweak – Record the user ID associated with the creation of new attendee records
* Tweak – Updated plugin description on admin plugin page
* Tweak – Move plugin CSS to PostCSS
* Fix – Prevent Fatals when GD Library is not active on the server (Thanks to @jamesgol for fixing the bug)

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