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[Tri.be] Event Tickets Plus v4.1.3

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== Changelog ==

= [4.1.3] 2016-05-19 =

* Fix – Automatically restock ticket inventory when an attendee is deleted (WooCommerce implementation)
* Fix – Improve counting of deleted attendee records
* Fix – Make the meta.php template overrideable

= [4.1.2] 2016-04-11 =

* Tweak – The front-end list of RSVP attendees is now hidden by default
* Fix – WooCommerce status change on orders will no longer trigger an empty email (Thanks @W David for the report here)
* Fix – The broken link in the EDD ticket email no longer links to a hole in the internet (Thanks to @Safety for the report in the forums)

= [4.1.1] 2016-03-30 =

* Tweak – Add filters for generated attendee and order data; tribe_tickets_attendee_data and tribe_tickets_order_data, respectively
* Fix – Resolved issue where QR checkins were falsely reporting that attendees were already checked in (Thanks to Christopher from our forums for reporting this!)
* Fix – Resolved issue where cancelled and refunded orders were still being used in the WooCommerce order report revenue calculations (Props to Ameet for reporting this issue!)

= [4.1] 2016-03-15 =

* Feature – Added the ability to collect custom attendee data with ticket reservation/purchases
* Feature – Pending attendees can now be displayed on the Attendees report for WooCommerce-driven ticket purchases
* Feature – Added ticket sales and ticket stock field support for Advanced Post Manager
* Feature – Added the ability to display the list of attendees on the event page (complete with attendee opt-out support)
* Tweak – Adjusted text on some ticket setting fields
* Fix – Resolved issue where the “Email” link on the Attendees Report would sometimes error out rather than send an email of the attendees
* Fix – Fixed an incorrect image URL on the Attendees Report
* Fix – Prevent multiple check-ins by QR codes for RSVP and ecommerce tickets
* Fix – Add missing `

` tag on the QR code HTML
* Fix – Improve front-end notices for recurring event

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