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[Tri.be] Event Tickets Plus v4.1.0

[Tri.be] Event Tickets Plus v4.1.0 Download

== Changelog ==

= [4.1.1] 2016-03-30 =

* Tweak – Add filters for generated attendee and order data; tribe_tickets_attendee_data and tribe_tickets_order_data, respectively
* Fix – Resolved issue where QR checkins were falsely reporting that attendees were already checked in (Thanks to Christopher from our forums for reporting this!)
* Fix – Resolved issue where cancelled and refunded orders were still being used in the WooCommerce order report revenue calculations (Props to Ameet for reporting this issue!)

= [4.1] 2016-03-15 =

* Feature – Added the ability to collect custom attendee data with ticket reservation/purchases
* Feature – Pending attendees can now be displayed on the Attendees report for WooCommerce-driven ticket purchases
* Feature – Added ticket sales and ticket stock field support for Advanced Post Manager
* Feature – Added the ability to display the list of attendees on the event page (complete with attendee opt-out support)
* Tweak – Adjusted text on some ticket setting fields
* Fix – Resolved issue where the “Email” link on the Attendees Report would sometimes error out rather than send an email of the attendees
* Fix – Fixed an incorrect image URL on the Attendees Report
* Fix – Prevent multiple check-ins by QR codes for RSVP and ecommerce tickets
* Fix – Add missing `

` tag on the QR code HTML
* Fix – Improve front-end notices for recurring event

= [4.0.5] 2016-02-17 =

* Fix – Prevent tickets from being attached to Commerce provider products/downloads
* Fix – Prevent bad encoding on WooCommerce Ticket emails
* Fix – Prevent Notice on bad usage of `tribe_events_get_ticket_event()`
* Fix – Use method instead of a property inside of get_event_for_ticket() for all 4 eCommerce tickets

= [4.0.4] 2015-12-23 =

* Fix – Resolved bug where payment types that reduce stock manually (like checks and cash on delivery) were incorrectly totaling the available tickets once a purchase was made (Big thanks to user Tommy and tigertoertchen who helped us resolve this issue!)

= [4.0.3] 2015-12-22 =

* Fix – Resolved issue where pending payments were being double-counted when calculating total sales for a ticket (Thank you liblogger for bringing this to our attention!)
* Fix – Fixed issue where Orders in the Orders Report were excluded if the “Blog pages show at most” setting in WP was lower than the number of orders for an event (Thank you Ameet for the report!)
* Fix – Resolved fatal caused by PHP 5.4 and lower with WooCommerce when querying cancelled tickets (Cheers to Eric for reporting this issue!)

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