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GravityView v1.7.5.1

GravityView v1.7.5.1

Beautifully display your Gravity Forms entries.

= on April 10 =
* Fixed: Path issue with the A-Z Filters Extension

= 1.7.5 on April 10 =
* Added: `[gvlogic]` Shortcode – allows you to show or hide content based on the value of merge tags in Custom Content fields! [Learn how to use the shortcode](http://docs.gravityview.co/article/252-gvlogic-shortcode).
* Fixed: White Screen error when license key wasn’t set and settings weren’t migrated (introduced in 1.7.4)
* Fixed: No-Conflict Mode not working (introduced in 1.7.4)
* Fixed: PHP notices when visiting complex URLs
* Fixed: Path to plugin updater file, used by Extensions
* Fixed: Extension global settings layout improved (yet to be implemented)
* Tweak: Restructure plugin file locations
* Updated: Dutch translation by [@erikvanbeek](https://www.transifex.com/accounts/profile/erikvanbeek/). Thanks!

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