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Events Calendar Pro v4.2.2

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= [4.2.2] 2016-07-06 =

* Fix – Broken oembedding of content
* Fix – Recurring event instances happening on the same day are now assigned different post names and guids
* Tweak – Avoid loading customizer preview scripts when not previewing site in Theme Customizer

= [4.2.1] 2016-06-22 =

* Fix – Fix issue where width of content area in photo view was inheriting styles making it too narrow
* Fix – Allow ’0′ to be set as the value of additional fields
* Fix – Graciously handle malformed recurrence event meta information
* Tweak – Added helper text near Distance filter to add clarity for Filter Bar users
* Fix – Fixed an issue where ‘All Day’ label was displaying on Wednesday rather than the time column

= [4.2] 2016-06-08 =

* Tweak – Advanced List Widget shows the month instead of the day of the week in the date icon when the event is not in the current month
* Tweak – Improved our JSON-LD output to ensure consistency (Props to @garrettjohnson!)
* Tweak – Language files in the `wp-content/languages/plugins` path will be loaded before attempting to load internal language files (Thank you to user @aafhhl for bringing this to our attention!)
* Tweak – Move plugin CSS to PostCSS
* Fix – Tooltip not was not rendering properly for date recurrence (Thank you @Maciej for reporting this issue!)

= [4.1.3] 2016-05-19 =

* Tweak – restored section heading for Additional Fields
* Fix – Resolved minor incompatibilities with the Safari browser
* Fix – Fixed issue where legacy recurrence description fields were not migrated to the new recurrence data structure introduced in 3.12 (props to publiclife on the forums for reporting this!)

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