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BackupBuddy v5.2.0.0

BackupBuddy v5.2.0.0 Download – 2014-03-02 – Dustin Bolton
Release of all updates from
Remote destinations not available due to lacking server requirements are now shown when selecting to add a destination (on remote destinations page or post-backup) but greyed out and indicating why they are unavailable. – 2014-02-23 – Dustin Bolton
Scheduled backup timeout detection no longer sends emails if the backup timed out longer than 7 days ago to prevent email notification flood from very old backups. – 2014-02-17 – Dustin Bolton
Missing exec() now only a warning as it is not technically a fatal situation.
Fixed database migration chunking from redirecting back to Step 4 if chunking is needed on Step 5.
Improved wording on Server Tools explanations.
Fixed backupbuddy_transient_delete() not deleting expired WordPress transients since — transients could build up due to WordPress not culling them appropriately.
Added new constants.php backupbuddy_constants class to begin centralizing variables such as numeric variables that are used throughout BackupBuddy.
Now using jQuery UI tooltip (provided with WordPress core) for tooltips within BackupBuddy plugin.
Fixed scheduled backup having timed out not sending error email notification in periodic cleanup function. If backup does not progress for 72 hours then a notification is sent.

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