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Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.3.2.1

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= =
* Core: Fixed bug causing issues when loading values from an options page, widget or taxonomy term

= 5.3.2 =
* Repeater field: Added new setting and icon to collapse row
* Google Maps: Improved google API loading for better theme compatibility
* Taxonomy field: Fixed bug where ‘Add new term’ popup only showed 20 parent terms
* Core: Added new setting ‘export_translate’ to customise which field settings should be wrapped in __()
* Core: Improved efficiency of AJAX call when finding new field groups when editing a post
* API: Added new functions add_row(), update_row() and delete_row()
* Language: Updated German translation – thanks to Ralf Koller
* Language: Updated Italian translation – thanks to Davide Pantè
* Language: Updated Dutch translation – thanks to Derk Oosterveld
* Language: Updated Portuguese translation – thanks to Augusto Simão

= 5.3.1 =
* Flexible Content field: added toggle icons to show layout open/close state
* Gallery field: Fixed bug where images could not save a blank title value
* Taxonomy field: Added pagination when rendered as a Select2 element
* Relationship field: Changed validation to better edit values when a minimum is set
* Google map field: Fixed minor autocomplete bugs and added search icon
* Message field: Added new_lines setting
* Core: Added ‘*’ to required fields when editing a field group
* Core: Prevented updates to .json file when syncing
* Core: Fields now render as div (instead of table) when labels are left aligned
* Core: Minor fixes and improvements
* Language: Updated .po headers – thanks to Ralf Koller

= 5.3.0 =
* WYSIWYG field: Fixed ‘Visual/Text’ toggle bug with WP 4.3
* Select field: Fixed Select2 bug hiding selected choices

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