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Admin Columns Pro v3.6

Admin Columns Pro v3.6 Download

Admin Columns Pro ACF add-on v1.3.2 and Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce add-on v1.3.1 also included.

= 3.6.3 =
Release Date: November 26th, 2015

* [Fixed] Faster user sorting when they are segmented on a particular role
* [Fixed] Faster posts sorting when they are segmented on a particular post status
* [Fixed] The custom field column will now only list existing users and posts in it’s filter menu
* [Fixed] Pagination no longer breaks on the page overview when it’s sorted by the default column

= 3.6.2 =
Release Date: November 17th, 2015

* [Fixed] Users can be filtered on multiple fields at once
* [Fixed] Filter options are sorted case insensitive
* [Fixed] Sorting fixed for some columns

= 3.6.1 =
Release Date: November 13th, 2015

* [Fixed] Form labels on quick-edit and screen options are no longer bold
* [Fixed] Quick edit works again when inline edit is toggled
* [Fixed] Sorting preference will be applied correctly without breaking pagination
* [Fixed] Using bbPress will no longer cause an error
* [Added] The Product column on the WooCommerce order screen can now be sorted and filtered
* [Updated] The exported PHP template will be wrapped in the init callback for easy usage
* [Added] Related Posts column which can also be edited and sorted
* [Added] Inline edit will use Pods select label when using relationship field
* [Updated] Sorting users in combination with filtering is much faster now
* [Added] Added Roles column for Users
* [Added] The added product column from the WooCommerce add-on can be sorted now

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