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Admin Columns Pro v3.6

Admin Columns Pro v3.6 Download

Admin Columns Pro ACF add-on v1.3 and Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce add-on v1.2 also included.

= 3.6 =
* [Added] New Custom column: Child pages
* [Added] New WooCommerce column: Parent product
* [Added] Inline Edit support for: Username
* [Added] Netwerk Site: License can be added for all network sites or per site
* [Added] Option to enable/disable term creation when using inline edit
* [Added] Usernames are now editable, just like post titles
* [Added] ACF Datepicker column can now be filtered by day, month or year
* [Added] Custom Field’s numeric field type can now be filtered with a range
* [Added] Term creation by default off, can be enabled on settings page
* [Added] WooCommerce filter support for order status, customer messagem coupons usedm parent product, payment method, review enabedn
* [Fixed] Galley images will float left
* [Fixed] ACF Post object(s) can now be empty when using inline edit
* [Fixed] User Roles now shows labels instead of ID’s
* [Updated] ACF columns are handled separately

= 3.5.2 =
Release Date: July 1st, 2015

* [Fixed] Estimate Time Reading column will not display a value when there is no content
* [Fixed] When updating there was a possible chance on a “Cannot modify header information”
* [Fixed] Fixed Fatal Error for multisite

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